Why Choose River City Sass?

Wild. Bold. Unapologetic. We know who you are. 

You're just like us - and we think you're going to love our accessories.

3 Reasons You Should Choose River City Sass

Free Shipping


Domestic US shipping is ALWAYS FREE

No order limits. No catches.

No small print. We promise. 




We source all of our components and materials from the United States. This allows us to ensure that workers at with our partners are being paid fair wages and have ethical working conditions.


Did you know that all of the wood products we offer are from maple and birch trees grown here in the United States as well? These varieties are one of the fastest growing and most renewable sources of hardwood around. All wood is furniture grade and each piece is made to last!


The best part about our wood vendors is that they engage in reforestation efforts.

[ We like trees. A lot. ] 


We don't stop at our wood products either... All of our stamped and engraved bracelets are made from aluminum, long regarded as one of the most sustainable metals on the planet. We believe that each piece should be made with love.





It's our professional opinion that we have the best customers around. We KNOW we have the best customers around because they have some of the best IDEAS around! Don't take it from us, check out some of the awesome feedback on previous custom orders --------->

We've created custom earring shapes, signs for baby nurseries, anniversary gifts, corporate logo bracelets, event pins, and more! 


Crafting custom pieces is one of the great joys in our life, and we're always down to collaborate on the next cool thing. If you have an awesome idea then drop us an email, contact us on Instagram, or stalk us on the street (but try not to make it weird). 

Great job on bracelets for Columbia-NOW chapter!

- Annette

I ordered five custom bracelets. Communication was great and they shipped much faster than I expected. Would definitely use this shop again.

- Emily

Very quick shipping, even on my custom item (and great communication with seller).

- Andrea

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