Women-Owned Wednesday with Angelina Sorokin

November 14, 2019

Angelina is in the spotlight as this week's women-owned Wednesday. You'll recognize her work by the intricate play on shadow and light that are the forefront of her projects. Her mediums consist of digital design, murals, photography, jewelry, and the occasional La Croix can! She's a joy to hang out with and you can support her by visiting her on the web and instagram. Read more below!







Never be ashamed to ask for guidance it could save you time and heartache. 



How did you get started with your business?


As a maker I am constantly creating and producing tangible products from my ideas. As far back as I can remember I have been making object for myself and for friends. I have been drawing my whole life and writing cards to people.

My business is still very new and I am figuring out a lot but one thing I do know is that there is always someone waiting for what we are willing to share, and I am very willing and eager to share and grow as a small business.


I officially started Sunroom Goods one year ago and the name Sunroom came to me as I was brainstorming ideas. The concept of “light” has been on my heart for the past few years so the image of people as sunrooms overcome with light came to me. This is why my tagline is “let the light in”. My aim with everything I create is to be a reminder to the beauty of life and to be crafted with high quality and care.  




What do you enjoy most about being a small business owner?


I love the fact that if I want to make something I can. I don’t have to get approval or wait until someone says I can. I make from the heart and enjoy every moment of it. If I can get the best material and make something truly unique then I do. I have been doing a lot of pop ups around town this year and I love that I get to interact with the people who buy my products and grow a relationship with them. Honestly that has been the best part of Sunroom Goods so far, meeting the people who love my creations enough to purchase or to even just follow my journey on Instagram. It is truly humbling and warms my heart.




What’s the hardest thing about being a small business owner?

I think most people will say this but the fact that I am doing everything.


The goal is to make things and have folks magically see them and want them but as a small business that is not how it works.


I am a graphic designer and illustrator by trade so doing the creative side is easy for me, though time consuming, but the non creative part is the hardest because I want to make sure I am doing everything right and there is a lot that I just don’t know yet. But we live and we grow and maybe one day it isn’t as difficult as in the beginning and we look back and are glad that we took that leap of faith.




What's the best advice you have for women who are just starting out?


Honestly just start. Start small like every one does. Literally no one who is selling anything starts and then the next day thy know everything about running a business and creating inventory that sells. It takes time and patience and lots of self pep talks. Because you can do it, but in order to do it you have to start wherever you are and grow day by day. By failing and by succeeding (what ever that looks like to you because it will be different for everyone.) Also reach out for help and for mentorship. Most people are willing to help unless they don’t know that you need help, so speak up. Never be ashamed to ask for guidance it could save you time and heartache. 







What is one skill you have that unexpectedly benefited you in your line of work?


I love getting to know people whether they be strangers or friends. When I am out in the public sphere with Sunroom Goods products I like chatting with people and just putting myself out there. Another skill, or maybe mindset is a better word, that I have is that fact that I make things that I myself love first and foremost, that means if something is not selling so well I do not take it personally because I know how much care, time and effort I put into everything I do and if someone does not want that in their lives, its okay. 

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