Women-Owned Wednesday with Old Dog Soul

November 6, 2019

Jen is our woman of the week and I'm so excited to share a sneak peek into her life and process. Old Dog Soul is the perfect intersection of handmade culture and philanthropy, as she often does benefit sales for pups in need - and she is also a shelter volunteer! Check her out on instagram and online shop for beautiful stamped jewelry and maybe a tshirt or two for a good cause. Thanks for sharing today Jen and we can't wait to see more from you!




Whatever it is that you have been thinking of doing and haven't done yet, JUST DO IT.



How did you get started with your business?


I was curious about hand stamped jewelry after receiving a necklace as a gift. I told myself if I ever quit my day job that I would pursue this idea of making jewelry. About a year later I quit my job and purchased my first economy set of metal stamps and tools and the rest is history!




What do you enjoy most about being a small business owner?


I enjoy being my own boss and making my own schedule. I enjoy the freedom I have and the time I have to be there for my kids after school. Doing homework with them and Volunteering at their school. I enjoy being able to incorporate my love for dogs into my business as well. Fundraising for my rescue friends.




What’s the hardest thing about being a small business owner?


Wearing multiple hats is very challenging for me. I am not a very organized person so I am flying by the seat of my pants most of the time. From being the artist to the book keeper, social media and marketing, website development, stats and analytics, and everything else it takes to run a business. I am all of those people.




What's the best advice you have for women who are just starting out?



Whatever it is that you have been thinking of doing and haven't done yet, JUST DO IT.  Push past the fear, past your comfort zone and believe in yourself. 







What is one skill you have that unexpectedly benefited you in your line of work?


I-phone photography! Who would have thought! I have always loved to take a good picture, Now I can do that for my products.

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