Women-Owned Wednesday with BeautifullyRegular

October 24, 2019

I'm so excited to have Bethany with us today for Women-Owned Wednesday. She has a really amazing eye for color and nothing shows it off more than her super sassy embroidery hoops, eco-friendly utensil sets, and adorable stuffed creatures. You've probably seen her work alllll over town because this girl is definitely a pop up queen. Don't forget to give her a follow on instagram and visit her on Etsy!




Don't take yourself so seriously.  


How did you get started with your business?


As long I could I could remember I was stealing my Mom's sewing needles and cutting little corners of fabric and hiding in my room to sew little balls of fabric and tangled thread.


I guess in reality I got started in high school, I started making tote bags and bringing them to school, and then my friends would want some. And then I never stopped. 




What do you enjoy most about being a small business owner?


Getting to do what I love while watching Drag Race. But really. Being able to be in control of the work I put into the world while also bringing other people joy with my products? Heck yes.




What’s the hardest thing about being a small business owner?


Ugh.  I'm a Type 1 anxious introverted perfectionist. Nothing I do is ever good enough for me. Those low points in the day, week, month, year, where you completely doubt what you're doing. You always come out of it. But that low is the worst. 



What's the best advice you have for women who are just starting out?



Don't do what someone else is doing. Do what you want, and what you enjoy. Don't take yourself so seriously. 







What is one skill you have that unexpectedly benefited you in your line of work?


MATH. Someone go tell my high school algebra teacher he was right. 

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