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River City Sass + Meguiver

I started River City Sass as a way to take back parts of my life that I had lost to marriage, motherhood, and my full-time gig. I started staking claim in time for myself each day, connecting with other creative women who were going through the same struggles that I was, and keeping my hands busy and my anxiety quiet. 

In late 2018, the Meguiver blog was started to encourage other creative women to speak more loudly about their victories, fears, and ambitions.

I didn't just want to sell things, I wanted to share my experiences and grow a community. The name Meguiver is one of my most-cherished nicknames, and one I earned by always seeming to pull solutions together with bubblegum, a piece of string, and some rocket fuel. If I could find solutions for the problems I was facing - why not share the wealth?


Are you a...

     Maker looking for inspiration?

     Entrepreneur who's looking for encouragement?

     Mom who needs a laugh when the littles are in bed?

If so, you're probably in the right place.

My goal is to be open + honest about my experience and provide support and reassurance for those who may be struggling. Sound like a cause you can get behind?

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- Meg

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